If you are a CCA Member and would like to post a "wanted" ad on this page please send a photo or description of the item and your contact information to the Web Designer
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Please note that the pictures may not be of the exact item the member is searching for. Please read the description for exact information on whether or not the seeker is looking for that exact item or something similar.

David Phelps is looking for
these birds. They will have
the Red Dime Mark.
He is also interested
in other rare birds, but only
those with the red dime mark.
Even if you do not want to
part with them, David would
like to get a high quality
picture of them. If you can help
David please contact him at fishiowa1@aol.com
Of course, David is also interested in
purchasing unususal pieces of Peasant Art!

George Drost is looking for
replacement pieces for this
china and would also like
any information on it
that you may know.
He may be contacted at:

Amy and Karl Lagler are
looking for Czech or
Austrian Amphora wall pockets.
They own the one pictured here but would
love to make it a pair.
They are also looking for similar
ones (with or without birds.
If you have any you are
interested in selling
please contact them at info@antelopeantiques.com