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Jane and I have always loved the Art Deco period and collecting Czech items goes right along with this love. Here are a few of our Czech Deco lady figurines. All are either marked "Czechoslovakia" or "Royal Dux". They are not easy to find, which makes the "hunt" all the more fun. Collection of Jane and Tom Rood

Royal Dux lady. 15 tall which is a bit larger than most in our collection.

Marked "Czechoslovakia." Found on the way to the Indy Convention.

Deco Dancer. 11 inches.

Both marked "Pirkenhammer." Figure on left has brass filigree base. Both quite delicate.

11 inch Deco lady with Borzoi dog.

Marked "Czechoslovakia". 11 inches tall.

Sitting position. Bouquet and flowers on dress are sculpted. Marked "Royal Dux."

Royal Dux. 1918-1938
3 Deco ladies on their way to the office!

One of our favorites. Great colors. Deco lady with dog.

Royal Dux signed "Schaff" on the geometric base.

Marked "Royal Dux Deutschland" and signed Elly Strobach. 1938-1945

Rare to have a matched pair. Signed Elly Strobach.

Signed Elly Strobach. Deco lady in boy's clothing.

Ditmar Urbach. From the collection of David Druse via David Fein. Named "Zelda" by David Fein. Probably the pride of our collection.

We also have this figurine in yellow.

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