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Mrazek Pottery

2017 marks the 100th Anniversary of Mrazek Pottery

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Peasant Art Pottery grew from a simple one-man operation in a small apartment in New York City to a thriving industry with a factory in Letovice in Czechoslovakia employing hundreds. Joseph Mrazek began making his pottery in 1917/1918 and continued through about 1932. If you would like more information on this beautiful pottery, a great book on the history of Joseph Mrazek and his company is available, written by his son and grandson: "The Art Pottery of Joseph Mrazek, A Collector's Guide". Here are some examples of various patterns and molds of the approximately 30 known patterns. There are about 10 marks used on Mrazek pottery, almost always marked. Collection of Dave Phelps

Letovice Factory

Early designs impressed "PAI"

Early handpainted pieces
Purchased china

Blackbird mark used on previous pieces

Green B Lamp with original shade

Rare molds in blue B pattern

A pattern
Round Medallion Design

K Pattern
Ivory M Pattern

P pattern
Round Medallion Design

Q Pattern

Rare X Pattern

Rare Z Pattern

BB Pattern

Stained Glass Pattern

Rare FN Pattern

Rare RN Pattern
Black Background

Green K flower pot

SU Teapot and Creamer
P bowl and underplate (on right)
M sugar on SU underplate
Unknown Pattern
Also in found in dark blue
Early Tile
Not marked, but Black Bird Style

Black Bird Vase