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2015 CCA Convention Pictures
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An example of Bohemian jewelry.
Garnets made in Czechoslovakia

Egg painting s still an active craft

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Czech Museum's Collection
Alas, no Mrazek

Our tour guide talking about the history of the Czech nation

Original art from the Velvet Revolution

Puppetry is big

It's not just the Czechs that think it's fun!

Kroje examples

Rosie's donated perfumes on display at the Museum

Rosie's donated perfumes on display at the Museum

Dinner at the Meat Market
Czech food for supper

Slide from Debbie's presentation
Ruckl Glass

Judy Myers talks perfumes

Plenty of time to ask questions

Her table of examples

The banquet begins

One of our favorite things: FOOD! and lots of it!

A great meal with wonderful friends.
See you next year!

View from the banquet room atop the hotel
On the horizon you can see Mt. Trashmore as it is known
This is the landfill

Room for your pictures